Dragonflies played a lovely part of raising our son. To pass the time while his sister napped, we counted the dragonflies that sunned themselves on our neighbor’s roof. As he grew, he learned to capture these delicate creatures and bring them to me for study.

Dragonfly eyes dominate the tiny faces of these odd creatures giving them excellent vision. While our vision sees in shades of three primary colors, the dragonfly sees way beyond that, up to 30 different primary colors. Their vision captures much more of the vibrancy of the light spectrum, they even see ultraviolet rays!

Body heavy, these fascinating insects look like that couldn’t get off the ground. Yet, their iridescent wings glimmer in the sunlight as they fly. Masters of flight each of their wings work independently allowing them to catch their dinner on the fly. At 30 miles per hour they can eat hundreds of mosquitoes a day.

I can relate to the dragonfly. I feel like I’m awkward and unable to do what God calls me to each day. But if these baffling insects can traverse the air with acrobatic stunts, I too can learn live in the way I am designed. Free to fly as God leads and seeking the vision to see His next steps. This is how I see you as well.

Dragonfly women fly because they are fruitful, linked, and yielded.

        F: Fruitful, bridges to other generations and builds relationships that bring unity to the body of Christ. We recognize we need each other but we also value the next as well as the previous generation as dynamic members of our community.

       L: Linked by these bridges, we depend on one another because we yearn to nurture each other as well as be nurtured. A vibrant woman thrives in community.

       Y: Yielded to the Holy Spirit, we desire a close relationship with God that builds our  confidence and anchors our identity in Christ. We release insecurity through living as God’s child.

When we learn to live this way, we recognize God esteems us as His daughters. Our mid-life centers around renewing and restoring ourselves recognizing we are still needed. We are a vital part of our community.

Galatians 5:13 You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve one another humbly in love.

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