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Is your church looking for ways to reach younger generations? Build intergenerational relationships that recognize the significance of the one.

1 Thessalonians 2:8 (CSB) We cared so much for you that we were pleased to share with you not only the gospel of God but also our own lives, because you had become dear to us.

Workshops, Retreats and Conferences

Leslie has been encouraging people for fifteen years. She has spoken at and led many retreats and would be honored to join you at your event.


Better Together Workshops

Learn to build intergenerational relationships that bridge our differences. Explore the art of mentoring in this half-day workshop. You will examine mentors in Scripture and give descriptions of general characteristics of today’s generations.

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Emotional Health and the Generations: Shame is not my Name : We all wrestle with our own thoughts. Shame creeps in when we are reminded of our past, whether it is something we have done or something that was done to us. That struggle may be constant or occasional, so we must learn to sort the truth from the lies. We will examine the gift Jesus brings when He declares we are free. You’ll gain tools to keep the lies at bay and the truth in the center of your mind.  This talk can be given live or online!

Retreat Topic:
Finding Fun in the Empty Nest

Make your transition to empty nest fruitful and fun as you discover God’s next step for you. Do I have empty nest syndrome? Find new ways to live this new season to the fullest. This includes a hands on activity for the attendees to learn a little about themselves.

Retreat Topic:
Build a Legacy

This two session retreat answers two questions: Who am I now? and Who do I influence? We examine the details of our design and then how God has put us in place to mentor and disciple others.

Conference workshop: Reaching Gen Z

Gen Z, born 1996 to 2013, is coming of age. This generation’s earnest desires to lead are impeded by anxiety. Learn ways to tap into their potential by including them on your life. This event can be live or online watch online webinar excerpt

Conference Workshop:
Learn to F.L.Y.

Here we sit on either side of the generation gap, each one waiting for the other one to move. But time is of the essence; younger people leave the church every day. The disunity between the generations crumbles their spirits. Read more

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