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1. Keys to great parent and adult child relationships online course.

Do you struggle to continue in relationship with your adult child? Are you concerned about intruding into their new life? You are invited to exchange your frustration with impactful tips to grow your most important intergenerational relationship. This video series can be viewed at your own pace. Included in your package are thought provoking questions that will help you invigorate your parent/child bond today!

This is great help! I was encouraged to see that I am not alone and not a failure as a mom! I also see my “at home adult kids” taking responsibility for certain household things that we had agreed upon, which reminds me that we did communicate and that’s good!” – Heidi S.

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2. Personalize your mentoring and intergenerational connections through one on one coaching.

We had our first MOPS meeting yesterday and I implemented several of the techniques you suggested. I received a call today from a mom. We met for over an hour. I am so grateful you helped me prepare! Thank you! I am working on building trust through listening!” – Judy E.

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3. Five Ordinary Women, One Extraordinary God Downloadable Devotional

Are you ready to be inspired by the incredible stories of five ordinary women who experienced the extraordinary power of God? Join the five women recorded in Matthew 1, the lineage of Jesus, as they tell their stories. This transformative product will take you on a journey of faith, resilience, and triumph that will leave you feeling empowered and uplifted. Buy now

4. Purchase the book Legacy here.

Mentoring millennials is an adventure. Join us as we explore who we are, who they are and how the two generations can build community through mentoring. Build your legacy as you build God’s Kingdom! Get your copy today.

5. Coming in Spring of 2024: Develop impactful mentoring relationships masterclass

Are you frustrated with your inability to understand younger generations? Do you see the importance of connecting but feel ineffective in your interactions? Go from confusion to empowered in this 10 session masterclass.

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