Together, We Seek the Gardener

Last week, my friend Sharon and I ventured a couple of hours away to a place I had never been, only to find it doesn’t open until Memorial Day. Undaunted, we searched the area and discovered another place to walk. Closer to one of the Great Lakes, the forest had yet to burst forth with its springtime buds, but we still experienced the beauty of nature.

Walking along a forest path, the crisp air nipped at our cheeks. The promise of the coming spring poked up from the soil in the new shoots of forest floor plants.  Although it was not quite springlike weather, our hearts yearned to go outdoors after a long winter.

Our senses came alive, awakening memories as we moved along. We saw new life, starting to erupt from the ground. We heard the songs of birds as their nesting season had begun. We shared clementines I brought from home, tasting the sweet juice as a midmorning snack. We smelled the wintergreen growing along the path, a throwback to my childhood wonderings in the woods up north. We felt the warmth of the sunshine on our faces, reflecting the promise of warmer days ahead.

Taking time to wonder turns us back to child-like reverence of the mysteries of life. A stroll through the woods or a walk along a shoreline can renew that awe. We just need to take the time. Sharing it with a friend makes that time all the sweeter. Our light banter continued through the day; we share a long history of doing life together. This became one more adventure solidifying years of friendship.

In awe we live Psalm 65:8 (NLT), “Those who live at the ends of the earth stand in awe of your wonders. From where the sun rises to where it sets, you inspire shouts of joy.” The world is full of encounters that take our breath away. Take time to look for it and experience it. King David declared the wonder of creation in Psalm 8. His declaration becomes ours, when we speak the words he wrote, applying it to the world around us.

Witnesses to thousands of sunsets, the most colorful astound us. Grabbing our phones, we snap a picture as we let the beauty wash over us. It astonishes us because this beauty reflects our creator, delivering pleasure to the senses as we are reminded of where we came from. Mountains, oceans, and trees all declare His majesty. In relishing their beauty our own spirits are renewed but only if we take the time to appreciate them.

Wonder reminds us we are small but not insignificant compared to the universe around us. Understanding God created it all to reflect His glory but also for us to enjoy. Stewarding this grand world, we live in is our joy.

Deep inside us there is a craving to know our Creator. This desire drives us to find Him in the world around us. I find ways to get outside all year round, but spring is by far my favorite time of year. Breathing in the clean air around me, my spirit returns to its origin, the garden.

As we talk about relationships this year, I encourage you to find an adventure buddy to share the marvels of this world. Maybe a walk in the woods isn’t to your liking but each of us experience places where God comes alive for us. Where is that place for you? Who promotes that sense of wonder in you? Reach out and plan an adventure where you both experience the presence of God.

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  1. One of the things I love most is to wonder! And spring is the best time for me to ponder and discover new avenues to wonder about. Happy spring, friend!

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