Speaking Engagements

LesliePurpleBackgroundFinding the right speaker for your event can be daunting.  As a Women's Ministry leader in my own church, I know just how you feel. A great deal of the success of your event depends on the quality of the the speaker. 

Areas of Expertise:

  • F: Fruitful bridges to other generations build relationships that bring unity to the body of Christ. We recognize we need each other and we also value the next generation as dynamic members of our community.
    L: Linked by these bridges we depend on one another because we yearn to nurture each other. A vibrant woman thrives in community.
    Y: Yielded to the Holy Spirit we desire a close relationship with God that builds our confidence, anchored in our identity in Christ. We release insecurity through living as God's child.

Leslie's Promises To You:

  • Pray for your event and the women who will be attending.
  • Listen to the Holy Spirit for your particular event
  • Sprinkle the talk with humor to teach and entertain.
  • Work within your budget 

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