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Mountain top experience


In November, I broke my foot. No dramatic story, I took a step, my sleeping foot twisted and I heard a pop. The pain overwhelmed me. “I don’t have time for this!” I mutter. It was the day after Thanksgiving. You know that crazy time of year. It is peak ministry season, great family time, and of course my job. How was I going to juggle an already busy season with this unexpected injury?

It had already been a difficult year, a dark year. Our circumstantial struggle drove us to cut our schedule to the bare minimum. Death of loved ones, our children moving away, and financial strain all contributed to our frustration. We put our head down and plodded through each day as best we could. Help was offered and gratefully received. Our struggle eased. It got better. We saw light in the darkness.

I was cleared to walk in February. Hobble is a better description. With each week, I felt the improvement. Bone strength increases with use. So I used it. Ice packs and ibuprofen became my best friends. It was not easy but it was better than living with that boot and scooter.

My foot was tested on our recent visit with our daughter in Seattle. She was excited to show us her city. She lives with hutzpah. It was her adventuresome spirit that took her across country to begin a new life. Her pioneering spirit would have conquered the Oregon Trail, had she been born in that era. I would have stayed east, unless encouraged or inspired – maybe.

Hopping from one tourist site to the next we walked a great deal. Although it wasn’t too painful my foot ached at the end of each day. Our last day we planned to hike in the Cascade Mountains. My husband really wanted to visit Wallace Falls State Park. The hike to the upper falls was four miles, one way! That meant four miles up and four miles back – down a mountain – on an already aching foot. I had a choice to make. Do I pamper the foot and miss out on the hike with my family? Or do I risk the pain and embrace the adventure? I took the risk and it was worth it.

family mountain

Was it stupid? Maybe. Rest assured, I was cleared by my doctor to return to all activities. I wasn’t risking reinjuring the bone, just discomfort. As a bone heals, it can take up to a year for reformation to be complete. You can still feel a bump where it broke. So currently, there is too much bone for the area. Any swelling due to excessive use causes discomfort. Yes, we are to use wisdom but we also are to dismiss worry. Matthew 6:27 (NLT) declares “Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?”

My foot did hurt more than it had in a while for an entire week. It doesn’t hurt today. So now I know my risk paid off. In looking for the fun, risking the possibility of discomfort, I found a day that I will treasure. Taking in magnificent creation that reflects our designer God is top of my list of time well spent. Doing this with my husband and adult children made it priceless. It is a day that I can remember on difficult days. It will inspire me for years to come as one of those golden days.

Are you in the midst of a survival season? Life ebbs and flows with beautiful and hard. Remember you are not walking alone. Jesus is with you walking beside you as you hobble along and when you dance with joy. He is our eternal hope.

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