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Teas, Dinners, Conferences, Retreats, and More

Finding the right speaker for your event can be daunting.  As a Women's Ministry leader in my own church, I know just how you feel.  A great deal of the success of your event depends on the quality of the the speaker. 

Areas of Expertise:



  • My Everyday Jesus.  Synopsis: Building a relationship with Him in ordinary life using terminology from Facebook.
  • Ordinary Woman Serving An Extraordinary God.  Synopsis:  God uses regular people to do amazing things.  A look at the women in Jesus family tree and women today impacting their world for Christ.
  • Amnesic Princess:  Synopsis:  Finding our lost identity as daughters of the King.

Connected and Caring:

  • Love Camps: Synopsis: Exploration of 1 Corinthians 13
  • Mentoring Millennials: Understanding and mentoring the next generation of women.

Packaged Retreats: No need for you to plan, Dragonfly has done it for you!

(Does not include retreat site or supplies.) 

legacy event

Legacy Live a life of impact!. Learn to live a life of impact that influences beyond your lifetime. 
Sesion 1 Who am I? Learn about your identity in Christ. Our confidence is rooted in our place in God's family. Session 2.  Who do I influence? People matter to God. People matter to us. Who and how do we influence and mentor to build God's Kingdom?

 beautiful now

Beautiful Now

Session 1: Empowered by our past, Jesus mixes contentment with expectation to give us a beautiful now. Session 2: Learn what Jesus will do with your past to develop your present and your future.

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The Art of Community: Session 1:Together we will investigate our authenticity in Christ.  The key to a healthy community is healthy individuals. Session 2: we look at 1 Corinthians 13 the  love chapter from a different angle. True love is the glue in Christian Community. Session 3: We will learn an updated way mentor others into our community.


captivating hope logo 

Captivating Hope Session 1 : Desire vs. reality. Can they coexist? Does your passion line up with God’s will?  How do you know? We will investigate this personal journey together. Session 2:Love verses pleasing are they the same? Session 3: People investment: Get the tools needed to build community one person at a time through mentoring.

grace full1

Grace Full : Session 1: Woman full of grace in an abrasive world. Session 2: So much grace I am full of His fruit.  Get rejuvenated by connecting with God and women at this girl’s day out.

 Leslie will present 2-3 sessions on the topic, break out sessions, and activities that help the women attending your event integrate the message into their lives. Each retreat can be adapted to either an overnight or a day retreat.  Contact us at leslie@dragonflyministry for complete package information.


Here are Leslie's promises to you:

  •  Pray for your event and the women who will be attending.
  • Listen to the Holy Spirit for your particular event
  • Sprinkle the talk with humor to teach and entertain.                                                                                                                                                                                 
  • I work with your budget.