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Romans 8:12-39 Romans 8:15 “Instead, you received God’s Spirit when he adopted you as his own children. Now we call him, “Abba, Father.”

Insecurity was deeply rooted in me and recently I realized there were STILL remnants of those old wounds. As I was cleaning out a drawer of old photo albums, a picture fell out. I showed it to my son, Mark as proof of my participation on our math team. He said “Hey when was Elizabeth (my daughter) on a math team?” My response was telling “How could you say that! That’s me, not Elizabeth. Elizabeth is so beautiful and I was so ugly.” Do you hear the lie? Thinking Mark had made a drastic mistake; I found Elizabeth and showed her the picture. You know what she said? “When was I on a math team?” It was so revealing to me. Traces of insecurity were still there.

I grew up in a Christian home, we attended church every Sunday. I was loved in my family; words of encouragement were spoken over me regularly. My parents told me Jesus loved me as I was, I trusted my parents. Yet, when I went about my daily life I heard a different story from other people. I was told by other kids my appearance was subpar. In the worlds eyes I was a homely mess and I believed them.

The problem was I could not defend why I believed Jesus was God. I had just accepted it as truth but never investigated it for myself. As I began to question, I prayed a great deal. God began to reveal Himself in a personal way. I pursued Him and He became very real to me. As I got to know Him, He taught me who I really was. The more I understood how I fit into His Kingdom the more confident I became.

Confidence does not equate to pride as long as it is anchored in Christ. If I am relying on my own gifts and talents that is pride. If I think I am better than someone else that is pride. If I believe all my success is my own and for myself, that is pride. If I trust Jesus loves me know matter my performance on any given day that is confidence. My confidence does not depend on who I am but whose I am. I belong to Him and He loves me.

This process continues today. As my confidence grew, I recognized something else was happening. I became more attractive to other people. I love people. My natural personality was hidden because of the victimization that I experienced as a kid. When that pain was healed my true identity was revealed. John 3:3-6 tells me when I accepted Jesus I was born again. This rebirth not only gave me new life it gave me a new family. (Romans 8:15,16). God is my Father and I am His daughter.

This is true for you as well. When you hear those whispers of insecurity remember how God feels about you. Tell those whispers to knock it off, you are loved and that is enough. Take up your true identity as a confident child of God. With confidence we declare our true identity in God’s Kingdom.

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