slide 01I’ve had the privilege of knowing Leslie Schonfeld and her husband David for over twenty years.  Over those years I’ve had the pleasure of sitting under Leslie’s teachings many times.  She is clearly a gifted and knowledgeable teacher of God’s Word.  Leslie is certainly capable of teaching on Women’s issues, but her abilities go far beyond any single spectrum.  Her teachings often illustrated by her personal experiences result in a highly engaging presentation.  I strongly recommend her to you as a speaker. – Pastor Bob Holt Christ the King Church

Leslie is passionate when she speaks, communicating her points very clearly.  She gave one of the best Mother’s Day messages I have ever heard this May.  I enjoy listening to her messages and highly recommend her as a speaker – Pastor Larry Hayward Christ the King Church

 "Leslie came and spoke to our MOPS group on the subject of Marriage. She developed the outline early for preview, which really helped me to understand if it was going to be applicable to our MOPS curriculum for the year. It was not only applicable, but practical, and down to earth. She is warm, funny and real!!! She gave our MOPS Moms some very good tools to work with!!! And yes, we would love to have her again and again.”  

-Laura Deck

"Leslie is a dynamic teacher who loves the Lord and passionately shares her knowledge of God's Word with others."  -Cindy Diber


"Leslie, you are a catalyst a connecting point a rod that sends electrical charge from point A to point B.(prophetic word) The Lord has divinely put you on display for "such a time as this" I can only image and believe all the many healings and new LIFE brought to many who are privledged enough to come to one of your meetings."  -Kathy Kozak

_________________________________________________________________________________________"Leslie, I really wanted to thank you for talking to our group last Tuesday.  You have no idea what a small thing like a 30 minute teaching can do for a person.  I came home refocused, renewed in my spirit and ready to give in to God's will and forget my own."  -Erika Hale


"I was lucky enough To have Leslie as a Bible study leader, She brings new meaning to an open door to Christ. I literally received an open heart to the Lord while Leslie was praying with our group, my life began to change. My heart began to soften, the door to the Lord have been unlocked, I have experienced life change events ever since that day. I did not know what was happening at the time, but the change has been amazing. God showed me what he had planned for me. Now my heart reaches out towards others that need love, attention and assistance. "
Thank you Leslie.

 You're a great inspiration.
Love ya . 
Julie Krug


A Reader's Responses to "What's In A Name? Jesus in the book of John"

  • ·The author does an excellent job of relating her life experiences to the material in the book.It makes her "real" to the readers.
  • ·There is an easy, user-friendly flow to the content of the chapters, and between the chapters.
  • ·I can see, behind these words, time delightfully spent in the presence of her teacher and best friend. It has yielded great insights, connections and understandings for her and her readers.
  • ·The response questions included for each chapter provoked some serious soul-searching and called out an intentional action .
  • ·Often I wished to stay longer where her words led me, to get a better grasp on new thoughts; and to feed on them.Loved it!

Thanks Elizabeth Ohman for your kind words!

Dear Leslie: Thank you so much for your great teaching and encouragement last night! So many women were sharing afterward about how your words were just what they needed. It is such a blessing to get to know you a little better, and to see how you are using your life experiences to reach women and families for the Lord. I really can't wait to read your book - I know I will be inspired! Thanks again for making our evening such a great success. In Christ, Julie