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Why do we do CRAZY things for God?

on Friday, 30 December 2016. Posted in Devotionals

Compelled in 2017

2017 word

Why do we do things for God? Why do we do CRAZY things for God? We move way out of our comfort zone, past our personal limits, into what we feel is brave. WHY???

Sometimes we are dangling out there and wonder: did I hear right? What if he said left but I heard right? What if it was that way but I think it was this way? What if I’m wrong? What if I look like a fool? What if I step out and nothing happens? No one is helped. No one sees Jesus. No one new comes to call Him friend? What if?

I’ve been there. I don’t want that to happen. I pull back. I protect myself. I put me first.

True, those who know Jesus know His voice. Jesus himself told us that in the book of John. But I’m imperfect, flawed. My ears are clogged by the din of societal pressures. How do I know?

Who do I think I am? Too full of myself, too judgmental of others. Oh how I need grace and in turn how I need to overflow with graciousness! Jesus what should I do?

Mark 1:12 tells us that “The Spirit compelled Jesus to go to the wilderness.” He went. Jesus moved to the wilderness even though He knew it meant traveling across a pathless, empty wasteland. He traversed the uncultivated and inhospitable landscape for one reason. He was compelled by the Spirit.

We are to follow Jesus’ example. Compelled means a force or pressure. His Holy Spirit lives in us.  He creates an internal pressure that urges us to move. Do we fight it or live it?

compelled continuum

Each of us are within a continuum between compulsion and complacency. If we don’t yield to the Spirit, we stagnate. We miss the quiet urges of the Sprit and we sink into a complacent quagmire.  

The more room He gets, the more compelled we become. I’d rather step out in faith and fall flat on my face then to sit paralyzed by indecision. You too? Then pray this prayer with me and MOVE.

compelled HOly Spirit

Take my hand, Jesus. Lead on. I don’t trust myself to make the right move but I trust you. Correct me when I misstep. Give me courage to overcome my fear. Help me to say no to busyness that distracts me from your desires for me. Encourage me when discouragement overwhelms. Empower me when fatigue creeps in around the edges. I will answer when compelled. Lead on Lord, lead on. AMEN