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Be God's Champion Even When You Want to Hide

on Sunday, 01 November 2015. Posted in Devotionals


I love Gideon because I can relate to his story found in Judges 6-8. God told Gideon he was a "valiant warrior." Gideon rung his hands and said, "Are you sure, God? I don't feel like one."

I am both comforted and challenged by this conversation between God and Gideon, because it looks a lot like what happens in my life.

When God approached Gideon He was hiding—Judges 6:11.
When God identified him as a warrior, he questioned God—Judges 6:13.
Gideon said he wasn't gifted—Judges 6:15.
Gideon asked for proof—Judges 6:17.
Gideon was afraid—Judges 6:22.
After a struggle with doubt, he was obedient but in the dark. He stayed hidden—Judges 6:27.
Gideon again questioned God and asked for a sign—Judges 6:38-39.

I love God's patience with Gideon. He continued to instruct and wait for Gideon to get it. Long story short—Gideon became the warrior as God declared. He found the courage necessary through his faith. He no longer had to test the instructions he received, he just followed them. God had shown himself faithful to Gideon, and in turn Gideon was faithful to God.

I am comforted God allows us to see this example. It helps me recognize that insecurity is a universal human challenge. I'm not the only one, and neither are you! But it also reminds me we need to overcome it. Gideon learned to trust God, the one who produces victory.

When we lack confidence in ourselves we need to remember it is God who provides our success, not us. Our confidence needs to be rooted in God's power and God's strength. He will complete His work.

Be courageous, valiant warriors, even when afraid. It's totally okay to seek encouragement as Gideon did. But we must step out and do it! The results are in God's control. Trust Him for His outcome. Push through the obstacles. Most of them are only in our minds anyway. You are God's child, with His acceptance, His rights, destined to do His work. Persevere and do the hard work. God is with you.