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Seven Reasons to Celebrate Millennials

on Monday, 23 May 2016. Posted in Blog

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7 reasons

There was a video shared on social media portraying stereotypes of Millennials. It talked of selfies, yoga pants and beards. It inferred that this generation would be our downfall. I don't agree with that. Certainly they are not perfect but neither are we. Each generation contributes unique perspectives to society. Millennials are no exceptions to this. Often misunderstood older generations miss out on the gifts they offer us.

1. Risk takers. Status quo is not in their vocabulary. Change it up, live on the edge and do not settle for ordinary are common thoughts for Millennials. It is true that they will risk for the sake of a risk. However, partner that lifestyle with a deep faith and their risks are for God's Kingdom. Mission trips and inner city work do not intimidate them, it excites them. Where generation X sacrificed for our futures, Christian millennials are sacrificing for other's futures.

2. Take the church to the people. Our generation built mega churches by bringing people into a large community of believers. We brought those in need to the Lord. They take the Lord to those in need. Their generation would rather take the church, meaning its people to the community at large. In the future, we are more likely to see more outreach, spontaneous church in the streets, and home churches popping up especially in the inner city.

3. Authenticity is paramount. Don't waste their time with anything that is not true. For example genuine worship is treasured by this group. It is messy church. Unrehearsed and unpolished church services are considered real church. This guarantees that those leading are not performing but seeking God.

4. Passion is more important than money. It is true this, at times, gets them in financial hot water. However, their goal is to live a happy fulfilled life. They would rather work twice as hard at a job they love then earn a higher salary at something that is unfulfilling.

5. Big Faith. God is big so their faith is big. He calls us to big leaps of faith and millennials take it in trust. They are accomplishing more in their twenties than many of us do in a lifetime. They may be financially poor but they are rich in faith.

6. Sacrifice for their dream. Most millennials did not recognize the hard work it would take to achieve their God given dreams. True they need our encouragement to keep working toward their goal. They may be surprised by the effort it takes but they don't give up. They are learning the beauty of perseverance. This is a new trait that is just developing as they come to adulthood. They are more tenacious than we think. The ones who have pressed in are achieving great things.

7. Prefer discussion. They have opinions, strong opinions. They want to be heard but they want to hear you too. Often this comes across to us as complaining when many are trying to express their opinion. A discussion over a cup of coffee is a goldmine that develops respect. Respect builds trust and trust builds friendship. They don't want to just hear your wisdom, they want to dissect it. This is how they develop and grow.
This is what I see when I work with this age group. Next time you want to pass on a complaint about millennials ask yourself if that is what you are seeing. Are you passing judgement before you give them a chance? Maybe you have a different experience then I have and are frustrated. I'd love to hear about it. Leave a comment and let's continue the conversation. Together we can work to better understand one another and build a multigenerational community.
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