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Plan a retreat

on Wednesday, 18 May 2016. Posted in Blog

womens retreat

Each year Dragonfly Ministry sponsors a women's retreat. Soon we will planning the 2017 event. Here is the timeline we use. We hope it helps you plan your own event.! Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. 

My time line for retreat planning

8 months out – day of prayer, Bible study, and waiting

                What do you want Lord? What will the women receive? Number attending?

                Goal à theme for next retreat (reflect your calling)

                Who’s on the team? Registration, worship, host, intercessors, food, photographer etc.

7 months – determine date and secure venue.



                Food/no food

                Supply Cost

                Determine cost of event

6 months – make save the date

                All necessary information for attendee

                Graphics that compliment (ex:

                Share with platform via email and social email. Postcards to hand out at events etc.

4 months – Advertise

                Social media

                Local media 

                Local churches

                Word of mouth

3 months – early registration discount for early and group, determine timeline of event I use a bulletin board to track my timeline. This way I can easily rearrange activities. 

bulletin board

                Find activities that reinforce theme. ( Pinterest is the best thing ever)

1 month – finalize all team members and their responsibilities, end early registration

                Prep handouts, activities, and supplies

Day of retreat

                Surrender all to the Lord – this day is not about me

                Stay flexible – you have a plan but…

                Take responsibility – good or bad it is on you.

                End with feedback – learn for next time.

                Enjoy your day!

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