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on Tuesday, 20 May 2014. Posted in Blog

2 Thessalonians 35

Patience eludes me. Each morning I grab my first cup of coffee just when there is enough in the pot. The drip-stop feature on my Cuisinart is an act of genius.  No spills and I’m that much closer to my first cup of the day. Can you relate?

Type B by nature, I’ve learned to rush with the masses. I’ve overcrowded my schedule; surely I have time to squeeze one more event in today. Many days I stop and I wonder is it worth it? As my agenda has come to a screeching halt I have had time to analyze this busy life we choose to live.

2 Thessalonians 3:5 encourages our patient endurance. Examining the roots of that word not only are we to be patient but do so cheerfully and with hope. Not the bite your tongue so you don’t say anything stupid waiting but restful anticipation. Anchored in trust through Christ our life can be a life-long example of patience.  

How beautiful is that? No more arms crossed, foot tapping, anxious waiting. Instead it is replaced with confidence that God will complete it when the time is right.

Patience, I invite you into my life. Welcomed with open arms because with you comes beauty. I relish the idea of calm in the storm, hope in the chaos, and cheer amongst the dreary. 


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