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Fear Not? Tell that to me speeding heart

on Wednesday, 20 July 2016. Posted in Blog

Fearless 2016

Fear Not Tell that to me speeding heart Fearless 2016


Do you ever have fears that haunt you? Fears that when spoken out loud don’t really make sense? However, left alone to wander in your mind, they can wreak havoc on your emotions.

When my children were little, I was terrified of crashing my car into a lake. Reoccurring nightmares of my babies trapped in car seats haunted my sleep. I awoke terrified. At times, I would wake my husband so he could pray over me to settle my heart.

Now here is the silly part. There was next to no chance of this happening. Where did the fear come from? There was no basis in reality for it. Yet, I still clutched the wheel as I passed any body of water?

My children are now all bigger than I am. In fact my youngest is a certified life guard. The nightmares are gone. The fear however raised its ugly head when I faced the challenge of driving over the Mackinac Bridge. I’ve ridden over that bridge plenty of times. But drive over it!?! NO THANK YOU.

For those that don’t know, the Mighty Mac is a suspension bridge that connects the two peninsulas of Michigan. That is right a suspension bridge, so it sways just a little. It is 5 miles long and 200 feet above the water. Another 200 feet of water is below that.  It is a big bridge over a big body of water.

That said, it is safe. In 62 years two cars drove off the side. One in a bad storm and the other is believed to be a suicide. Logic says you are safe. But not fear, stupid fear.

There it is. Looming before me, larger than life. I can do this. Other people have done it, so can I. Oh dear God, it is BIG. Thanks adrenalin for kicking in. Jesus – Jesus – JESUS. Half way over. Slow down heart. What is that weird sound? I wish the car wouldn’t shake. Ok off the grate onto cement, almost done. And I did it. WE DID IT. Thank you Jesus, we did it.

It does not matter how silly our fear is, they can cripple us. Face them. If I am to be fearless in 2016, I need to fear less. Right? God tells us to fear not. He is with us. Even in the silly fears. Fear is fear and we don’t have to give it a home.

What do you think? Are you facing a fear? I’d love to hear about it.