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Bridge the Gap

on Monday, 14 April 2014. Posted in Blog


She wants a mentor.  Someone she trusts. Someone she knows to be real, you know authentic. Not just a blind match up but someone who knows her. No one seems to fit her criteria.


She wants to mentor. Why doesn’t someone organize a mentoring group? That was the way we did it. We were matched, than we got to know each other. Why don’t we do that anymore?


She doesn’t want to be matched with a stranger. How can she trust just anyone? That woman over there seems to care for others but she ignores me. She’ll just wait.

She noticed the younger woman looking her way. Next time she sees her she’ll smile. Next time she will say hello. But not today, she’ll just wait.

Here we sit, on either side of the generation gap. Each one waits for the other side to move. Are you actively seeking your “Timothy”? Are you actively seeking your “Paul”?


1 Timothy 1:1-2 (NIV) “Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the command of God our Savior and of Christ Jesus our hope,2 To Timothy my true son in the faith: Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Pray, risk, move.


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