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Bigger Than Ourselves

on Saturday, 01 April 2017. Posted in Blog

Don't underestimate God!


One of the rewards I've gained throughout my ministry is greater trust in Jesus.

Jesus always shows up—not necessarily in the way we expect, but He always shows up. He guides us and guards us. As I have moved through this journey, my faith has increased. I continue in awe, as I see Him prove Himself over and over. With each new risk He calls me to, He honors my steps of faith.  He redirects me when I take a misstep. He forgives when I mess up. It’s a beautiful process.

He is faithful. Over the years I’ve survived countless awkward conversations. (You will too.) I have helped with jobs that required my sweat equity. Yes, that means I have actually contributed real sweat to get a job done—like garage sale set up and clean up on hot summer days and rescuing drivers in broken down cars. All for the sake of the relationship. My reward? Friendship.

And don’t forget the phone calls. Many phone calls. Panicked phone calls. Teary phone calls. Angry phone calls. Sick phone calls. I’ve received them all. I have listened and listened and listened some more.

 Oh, I’m not complaining—I've had tons of funny and joyful conversations, too! I’ve seen young adults work against the odds and achieve goals on the way to living their dreams. I’ve seen relationships bloom into engagements and marriages. What a beautiful gift to be part of their journey. And, joy of all joys in my heart—one young woman I’ve mentored is now mentoring other young women! I love every bit of it.

And my family has grown. In addition to my son and two biological daughters, I have many more spiritual daughters. It is a beautiful thing to love and be loved. Yes, there is heartache but there is so much more joy! Their successes produce a sense of satisfaction difficult to describe. It is beautiful and I want the same for you. I have a deeper understanding of Psalm 127—“Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him” (Psalm 127:3 NIV).

My community is stronger because it is multi-generational. I interact with individuals of all ages. I do this on purpose. For example, Elsie walked by me at an event last week. She is 72.

“How are you, daughter of my heart?” she said.

Hmm, I wonder why mentoring is important to me.

(from Legacy by Leslie Schonfeld)

Our God is BIG. He is beyond our understanding, yet He wants us to know Him. He wants us to participate with Him to IMPACT the world for Him and through Him. Can you wrap your brain around that? No worries, I can’t either. Friend remember don’t underestimate what God can accomplish through those that trust Him! Take that step of faith and see what He does!

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