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Are We Listening?

on Saturday, 24 September 2016. Posted in Blog

Mentoring; A Spiritual Mandate


“Watch me!” came the cry of my three year old niece.

Pirouetting in the center of the room, her dance was lost in chaos of the extended family gathering. Her volume escalated as she continued to request our attention. Finally, she was heard. We all enjoyed her brief performance, she was thrilled to be noticed!

The same is happening in our church families. Listen do you hear it?

“Hear me!” says the millennial voice.

Twenty somethings have something to say, they want to add to the fabric of our church communities. Are WE listening?

I am surprised by the response of millennials to my book to Legacy. They love the message. They are not my target audience, I didn’t think they would read it. I have found, however, it speaks to a deep need within them. They want mentoring.

Biblical mentoring is a spiritual directive. (See Titus 2). It is not a spiritual gift. As a church, we dismiss it because we don’t feel we are gifted in that way. I am here to tell you, yes you can. Each of us can mentor and still be ourselves. God designed us for relationship. Mentoring is just another relationship to add to your life. There are a number of examples of mentoring in Scripture. Examine them, learn more about yourself.

Trust God as you extend yourself to Him. Give Him your whole heart. (Jeremiah 29:13) Let Jesus direct you on each step toward mentoring.

Millennials need you. They need your encouragement, patience, wisdom, and support. They want to be heard. Are you listening?

Father, I give you my whole heart. She me the one you want me to reach out to. Help me to hear her heart. Help me to persevere in building a relationship. Help me to see them as you see them. They are a beautiful creation ready to impact the world for you Kingdom. In Jesus Name.

You can purchase a copy of Legacy by clicking here.