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Legacy by Leslie Schonfeld

on Thursday, 09 June 2016. Posted in Blog

Reader's remarks and photos

Legacy Collage

I've got my copy! So excited more people can hear from Leslie. "You must remain teachable and able to take constructive insight, but don't let your faults define your worth. Only Jesus defines your worth." p.25 #dragonflyministry - Sarah Pehrson

BOOM! #legacy#dragonflyministry#LeslieSchonfeld#hurtshabitshangups#recovery -Linda Bowling

Legacy Linda Bowling

Look what I got today! So proud of my sister. - Lois Walker

Great stuff in here! Dragonfly Ministry - Deb Potts

deb potts


Would you like to purchase your own copy? Click here. Already have your copy? Post your selfie and don't forget to tag Dragonfly Ministry.

Plan a retreat

on Wednesday, 18 May 2016. Posted in Blog

womens retreat

Each year Dragonfly Ministry sponsors a women's retreat. Soon we will planning the 2017 event. Here is the timeline we use. We hope it helps you plan your own event.! Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. 

My time line for retreat planning

8 months out – day of prayer, Bible study, and waiting

                What do you want Lord? What will the women receive? Number attending?

                Goal à theme for next retreat (reflect your calling)

                Who’s on the team? Registration, worship, host, intercessors, food, photographer etc.

7 months – determine date and secure venue.



                Food/no food

                Supply Cost

                Determine cost of event

6 months – make save the date

                All necessary information for attendee

                Graphics that compliment (ex:

                Share with platform via email and social email. Postcards to hand out at events etc.

4 months – Advertise

                Social media

                Local media 

                Local churches

                Word of mouth

3 months – early registration discount for early and group, determine timeline of event I use a bulletin board to track my timeline. This way I can easily rearrange activities. 

bulletin board

                Find activities that reinforce theme. ( Pinterest is the best thing ever)

1 month – finalize all team members and their responsibilities, end early registration

                Prep handouts, activities, and supplies

Day of retreat

                Surrender all to the Lord – this day is not about me

                Stay flexible – you have a plan but…

                Take responsibility – good or bad it is on you.

                End with feedback – learn for next time.

                Enjoy your day!

Beautiful Now 10



on Wednesday, 15 June 2016. Posted in Devotionals, Blog


But why? As a parent, I both love and hate this question. Curiosity in my children delights me. I love to observe them as they work to figure “it” out. On the other hand after an exhausting number of inquiries, I’m done. I DON’T KNOW, I DON’T’ WANT TO THINK AND I’M JUST TOO TIRED TO FIGURE IT OUT! Thankfully, God is not that kind of parent.

As children of God, we have questions. Too often we are afraid to ask them. We fear our questions reflect doubt. A good Christian shouldn’t doubt. That is a lie! Ignoring questions won’t make them go away. In fact, pushing them down allows them to fester, like an infection. Unattended to it will grow.

Recently, I ran into a Scripture verse that opened all sorts of questions.

Isaiah 34:7 (KJV) And the unicorns shall come down with them, and the bullocks with the bulls; and their land shall be soaked with blood, and their dust made fat with fatness.

Unicorns? In the Bible? What?!? Look it up for yourself. It is in the King James Version. Does that make you as uncomfortable as it did me?

Ignored, that could start to cause doubt. Left alone it would quietly gnaw at my faith. Curiosity drove me to examine it in detail.

First stop: Strong Concordance. The word for unicorn here is more commonly translated wild bull. There isn’t an English word that directly translates here most likely because the animal is extinct.

Second stop: Google. Yep, that is right. This brought up some interesting sites to say the least. And with any search, make sure you are reading reputable sites. In the end, the accepted conclusion for the use of unicorn was that word had an entirely different meaning when King James’ scholars were transcribing the Bible. It referred to an animal with one horn, similar to a bull. Not the magical pink unicorns we have all come to love.

It is okay to ask questions. Certainly there are deeper questions then the existence of unicorns. Questions drive us to reconcile what we believe with what we observe. Our faith is to be based on truth. The best way to find truth is to search it out.

If we are not careful Scripture can be misapplied. Our opinions can ebb and flow with cultural influence. I’m not just talking about societal culture but Christian culture as well. We must always seek righteousness but in a Godly manner, never self-righteousness

Doubt is the antithesis to faith. It is not to be nurtured but don’t ignore it either. Face it. Challenge it. Make it prove itself. It will reveal one of two things; a lie believed or a misunderstood truth. We must stomp out the lies and elevate the truth. We can only determine this by growing in our understanding of God’s Word and listening to the still small voice that always speaks. (1 Kings 19:11-13) 

Seven Reasons to Celebrate Millennials

on Monday, 23 May 2016. Posted in Blog

Why you will love to mentor

7 reasons

There was a video shared on social media portraying stereotypes of Millennials. It talked of selfies, yoga pants and beards. It inferred that this generation would be our downfall. I don't agree with that. Certainly they are not perfect but neither are we. Each generation contributes unique perspectives to society. Millennials are no exceptions to this. Often misunderstood older generations miss out on the gifts they offer us.

1. Risk takers. Status quo is not in their vocabulary. Change it up, live on the edge and do not settle for ordinary are common thoughts for Millennials. It is true that they will risk for the sake of a risk. However, partner that lifestyle with a deep faith and their risks are for God's Kingdom. Mission trips and inner city work do not intimidate them, it excites them. Where generation X sacrificed for our futures, Christian millennials are sacrificing for other's futures.

2. Take the church to the people. Our generation built mega churches by bringing people into a large community of believers. We brought those in need to the Lord. They take the Lord to those in need. Their generation would rather take the church, meaning its people to the community at large. In the future, we are more likely to see more outreach, spontaneous church in the streets, and home churches popping up especially in the inner city.

3. Authenticity is paramount. Don't waste their time with anything that is not true. For example genuine worship is treasured by this group. It is messy church. Unrehearsed and unpolished church services are considered real church. This guarantees that those leading are not performing but seeking God.

4. Passion is more important than money. It is true this, at times, gets them in financial hot water. However, their goal is to live a happy fulfilled life. They would rather work twice as hard at a job they love then earn a higher salary at something that is unfulfilling.

5. Big Faith. God is big so their faith is big. He calls us to big leaps of faith and millennials take it in trust. They are accomplishing more in their twenties than many of us do in a lifetime. They may be financially poor but they are rich in faith.

6. Sacrifice for their dream. Most millennials did not recognize the hard work it would take to achieve their God given dreams. True they need our encouragement to keep working toward their goal. They may be surprised by the effort it takes but they don't give up. They are learning the beauty of perseverance. This is a new trait that is just developing as they come to adulthood. They are more tenacious than we think. The ones who have pressed in are achieving great things.

7. Prefer discussion. They have opinions, strong opinions. They want to be heard but they want to hear you too. Often this comes across to us as complaining when many are trying to express their opinion. A discussion over a cup of coffee is a goldmine that develops respect. Respect builds trust and trust builds friendship. They don't want to just hear your wisdom, they want to dissect it. This is how they develop and grow.
This is what I see when I work with this age group. Next time you want to pass on a complaint about millennials ask yourself if that is what you are seeing. Are you passing judgement before you give them a chance? Maybe you have a different experience then I have and are frustrated. I'd love to hear about it. Leave a comment and let's continue the conversation. Together we can work to better understand one another and build a multigenerational community.
Leslie is the author of Legacy. This book explores mentoring millennials. It covers the what, how, and why of mentoring. Pick up your copy today by clicking here.

Which Way?

on Monday, 15 June 2015. Posted in Blog

Learn to surrender and Go

surrender and go

Begging God to tell me His will, I pleaded, “Am I on the right track? Am I following your lead? Show me, make it clear. HELP!” Fear encompassed me, even as I took the next step.

Yep. There I was, rattled by fear and worry. I was so self-focused, I couldn’t hear God. Even when He spoke loud and clear, I heard nothing. What was wrong with me?

Then came this sermon I heard recently, “Do you want to do God’s will?” My ears picked up. Yes! Yes, that is me! My Pastor then said “Say yes before you know where He’s sending you.” Of course, there was the answer. Wait, what? “Once you say yes, then He will tell you the direction.”

Genesis 12 gives us the account of Abram (soon to be Abraham). Genesis 12:1 states, The Lord had said to Abram, “Leave your native country, your relatives, and your father’s family, and go to the land that I will show you.” God told Abram to go, but He didn’t say where. Backwards to so much of what we learn in the world. Figure it out, cast a vision, know where you are going, and finally initiate the project. In God’s Kingdom, we are to surrender first, say we will go, and get direction last.

I sat there stunned. I didn’t think God was speaking. Had I been traveling on my own agenda? Suddenly, I flashed back to a quiet prayer service years before. I saw myself pray the end of Isaiah 6:8 “Here I am Lord, send me.”

HEY! I had said yes. Way before I led Bible Study, way before I led the church's Women’s Ministry, even way before Dragonfly. Way before I wrote anything for anybody to read, I said yes. It was so long ago, I didn’t see the connection. Now I realize that night was the beginning of the journey to where I am now.

God, forgive me for worrying, fretting, and fearing; YOU are directing my path, because I asked. I still give Him the day as I wake up more confident that continuing on this Dragonfly journey is HIS plan.

This is not a new lesson. I knew this, but what I didn’t recognize was I wasn’t living it. I had doubted when I needed to trust God with my whole heart. Often we need a reminder of old lessons in order to more fully implement them into our current lives.

How about you? Do you ever wonder where you are going? Are you on the right track? Today is the day to get started. Simply say yes to God. He, in turn, will tell you which direction to go.

You are a unique gift to the community.

on Wednesday, 12 November 2014. Posted in Blog




I am a teacher. A student once asked about my schedule. After hearing it, she said, “So, you teach science all day?”

“Yes,” I replied.

“Eww! I could not do that.”

I am passionate about science. I am fascinated with the intricate balance of life. The more I learn, the more I want to know.

Does that seem odd to you? It is okay if you think so, because God designed each of us to be unique. What fascinates me can seem tedious to you, and the reverse is true, as well.

I love that He is personal with each of us. Over here He sprinkled a love for the arts, and over there He built a spectacular athlete. The list continues. The Lord has mixed and matched all the different characteristics a person can have in such countless ways, it surprises us when we find someone similar to ourselves. There is so much variation among us humans, it is a rarity to find two people with identical interests, let alone passions.

This is why we need each other. Our gifts and passions combined together create a whole, which we call community. Our interconnection through community helps us to see God, because together we reflect His character. We each reflect His image (Genesis 1:27), and also make up part of the body of Christ here on Earth (1 Corinthians 12:12-27). Your uniqueness makes you an important part of the body. Welcome all believers into the body, as each has an important part to play.

Are We Listening?

on Saturday, 24 September 2016. Posted in Blog

Mentoring; A Spiritual Mandate


“Watch me!” came the cry of my three year old niece.

Pirouetting in the center of the room, her dance was lost in chaos of the extended family gathering. Her volume escalated as she continued to request our attention. Finally, she was heard. We all enjoyed her brief performance, she was thrilled to be noticed!

The same is happening in our church families. Listen do you hear it?

“Hear me!” says the millennial voice.

Twenty somethings have something to say, they want to add to the fabric of our church communities. Are WE listening?

I am surprised by the response of millennials to my book to Legacy. They love the message. They are not my target audience, I didn’t think they would read it. I have found, however, it speaks to a deep need within them. They want mentoring.

Biblical mentoring is a spiritual directive. (See Titus 2). It is not a spiritual gift. As a church, we dismiss it because we don’t feel we are gifted in that way. I am here to tell you, yes you can. Each of us can mentor and still be ourselves. God designed us for relationship. Mentoring is just another relationship to add to your life. There are a number of examples of mentoring in Scripture. Examine them, learn more about yourself.

Trust God as you extend yourself to Him. Give Him your whole heart. (Jeremiah 29:13) Let Jesus direct you on each step toward mentoring.

Millennials need you. They need your encouragement, patience, wisdom, and support. They want to be heard. Are you listening?

Father, I give you my whole heart. She me the one you want me to reach out to. Help me to hear her heart. Help me to persevere in building a relationship. Help me to see them as you see them. They are a beautiful creation ready to impact the world for you Kingdom. In Jesus Name.

You can purchase a copy of Legacy by clicking here.

Beautiful Now - verse of the week

on Tuesday, 07 October 2014. Posted in Blog

Beautiful Now Retreat

February 7, 2015

Click Here to register

Beautiful Now 8

Beautiful Now 7

whole heart

beautiful now vs.4

Beautiful Now vs.1

Beautiful Now verse2

Beautiful now 3



Here is a glimpse of the verses that will be shared at the retreat in February. You can register on our events page. Come find out how the Holy Spirit can help you live so that each day is your Beautiful Now. Click Here to register.

Beyond Macaroni Necklaces

on Sunday, 30 April 2017. Posted in Blog

10 Ways to Honor Mom on Mother's Day


I loved all the little trinkets my children gave me when they were little. I proudly wore the macaroni necklaces and sparkly foam pins. Their tiny hands worked so hard to make me feel loved. However, as children get older it can be difficult to find something that Mom would appreciate and that expresses her worth.  These are some ideas that my daughter Hannah and I put together.   I hope you find one that works for you!

10 ways - Mothers day

10 ways to honor Mom on Mother’s Day

  1. Clean for her.  No matter her age Mom will appreciate a helping hand. This can be indoor or outdoor. Whatever your choice, make sure it is something she will appreciate.
  2. Donate in her honor. There are many charities that benefit Mom’s in poverty. I especially like those that launch into self-support. World Vision and Compassion International (click on either to donate)
  3. Breakfast in bed or anywhere she likes! This is cliché but Mom will love the pampering. Create an atmosphere that makes her feel special.
  4. Write your favorite memories. Whether in a letter or framed for her to display. This means more to Mom than you can imagine.
  5. Set time aside for her. Mom will always want to see you. Invite her to do something with just the two of you. Go for lunch, a walk through a garden, or just sit in the living room and talk. The gift of time is precious.
  6. Make a video. This is a great idea if you can’t be with Mom on Mother’s Day. With smart phones this is so easy. Make sure to send a copy to older folks via email so they can watch it over and over. What a special way for her to feel like you are there with her. Make it personal. 
  7. Wear something of her to honor her memory. If Mom is not with you anymore the loss can feel incredibly large on this day. Honor her by wearing a piece of her jewelry or accessory of your choice. If you don’t have anything like that then carry a picture of the two of you wherever you go that day. Be sure to show it to someone you love and share a memory that is dear to you. You are not sure who that could be? Than send it to me! I would love to hear all about her.
  8. Make a photo album. Use pictures for your childhood as well as now. You can make an online slide show or have one printed. I like to use Snapfish for mine.
  9. Make art for her. Ah, the artistry in each of us can vary. This project is only limited by your creativity. A few years ago, my son wrote a poem for me. He framed it with pictures of the two of us. I love it and keep on my desk. Not so creative? Remember she loved the macaroni necklace, she will love whatever thoughtful idea you come up with.  
  10. Tell her you love her. She never tires of this. Include why you love her as well. Mom’s love to receive back a tiny bit of the love they have poured out over the years. However, don’t limit it to a verbal expression. Give her something tangible to remind her of your meaningful expression of devotion.

Did you use any of these ideas? I'd love to see them. Post a picture on social media with #dragonflymothersday

Do you have additional ideas? I’d love to hear them. Share on the Dragonfly Facebook page for other’s to try. 

Big Dreams

on Friday, 08 May 2015. Posted in Blog

dream big

Bigger Than Ourselves

on Saturday, 01 April 2017. Posted in Blog

Don't underestimate God!


One of the rewards I've gained throughout my ministry is greater trust in Jesus.

Jesus always shows up—not necessarily in the way we expect, but He always shows up. He guides us and guards us. As I have moved through this journey, my faith has increased. I continue in awe, as I see Him prove Himself over and over. With each new risk He calls me to, He honors my steps of faith.  He redirects me when I take a misstep. He forgives when I mess up. It’s a beautiful process.

He is faithful. Over the years I’ve survived countless awkward conversations. (You will too.) I have helped with jobs that required my sweat equity. Yes, that means I have actually contributed real sweat to get a job done—like garage sale set up and clean up on hot summer days and rescuing drivers in broken down cars. All for the sake of the relationship. My reward? Friendship.

And don’t forget the phone calls. Many phone calls. Panicked phone calls. Teary phone calls. Angry phone calls. Sick phone calls. I’ve received them all. I have listened and listened and listened some more.

 Oh, I’m not complaining—I've had tons of funny and joyful conversations, too! I’ve seen young adults work against the odds and achieve goals on the way to living their dreams. I’ve seen relationships bloom into engagements and marriages. What a beautiful gift to be part of their journey. And, joy of all joys in my heart—one young woman I’ve mentored is now mentoring other young women! I love every bit of it.

And my family has grown. In addition to my son and two biological daughters, I have many more spiritual daughters. It is a beautiful thing to love and be loved. Yes, there is heartache but there is so much more joy! Their successes produce a sense of satisfaction difficult to describe. It is beautiful and I want the same for you. I have a deeper understanding of Psalm 127—“Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him” (Psalm 127:3 NIV).

My community is stronger because it is multi-generational. I interact with individuals of all ages. I do this on purpose. For example, Elsie walked by me at an event last week. She is 72.

“How are you, daughter of my heart?” she said.

Hmm, I wonder why mentoring is important to me.

(from Legacy by Leslie Schonfeld)

Our God is BIG. He is beyond our understanding, yet He wants us to know Him. He wants us to participate with Him to IMPACT the world for Him and through Him. Can you wrap your brain around that? No worries, I can’t either. Friend remember don’t underestimate what God can accomplish through those that trust Him! Take that step of faith and see what He does!

Do you want to discuss this more? Leave a comment or join the conversation on the Dragonfly Facebook page! 

Christ, Coffee, and Caring

on Friday, 22 May 2015. Posted in Blog

Modern Mentor



It all started with a simple instruction. If they call and ask you to talk, say yes. Keep your calendar open. You are to make time for this. Make yourself available. Never did I dream that when I said yes to this instruction, I would open a new ministry.

There is a hunger for the younger generation to connect with us. They want to be heard. The tattoos, the piercings, the beards, the clothes: they are all decorations. They are not reflective of their heart. These adornments don’t mean the same thing as they did when we were young. For most of them it is self-expression and fashion. They are making a statement, “I am an individual, and I’m not like you; take time to hear me.” They want to be reassured. They want your friendship. Yes, this involves a cost. It involves your investment. But isn’t it worth it? The next generation needs to stand on our shoulders to better see where they need to go.

These coffee meetings take on the personality of my mentee with a little dash of me. I let them direct the content of our conversation, but steer the conversation with open-ended questions like, “What did you want to talk about today?” and, further on in the conversation, “Why do you think or feel that way?”

“How can I help you?” Some will come with a piece of paper with points listed to make sure they cover everything. Others will meander through the conversation with ease. Even on my most difficult days, the appointments delight me. Our conversations vary from light to serious. We share laughter and, at times, tears.

I use this time to focus on them. Listen, and do my best to understand. Is there an underlying concern that needs to be unearthed? Does anything in what they're saying raise “red flags” of any kind? Instead of an interjection of correction, I make a mental note to pray over that area. I ask the Holy Spirit what His opinion is in regards to this subject. If correction is needed, I ask Him to lead the way. I ask Him to direct me as to when to speak and when to pray. I have to guard against my natural tendency to speak first before I've prayed about what is being said. That is why I love the book of James, especially James 1:19 (NLT) “Understand this, my dear brothers and sisters: You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry.” As a mentor, our words hold weight. Over time, we develop and nurture a trust relationship with our young friends. A thoughtless objection could erode that trust; be prayerful in everything you say and do.

James also reminds us to ask for wisdom (James 1:5). If we ask, God will give it to us. The millennial generation speaks with bravado. Brazen comments can appear disrespectful, when the source is passion. Gentle rebukes are best received once the trust is established. This takes time. Be patient, and let the fruits of the Spirit grow and emanate from you. Nurture the gifts the Lord has given you, and you will, in turn, be better able to nurture others.

We also don’t want to send them in the wrong direction with a quick expression of our opinion. You may not realize it, but when you speak they hang on your words. An established mentor relationship is a partnership. You are more than a friend. It is much better to be truthful and say, “I don’t know” or “I’m not sure”. If she asks for your advice, your mentee wants your opinion. This opinion needs to be thoughtful and expressed out of wisdom - not a quick response. Many times they already know what God is telling them. Ask them to express what God is communicating to them. Through a series of questions they find the answer. This is delicate ground, especially if they don’t like what they have heard. Do not become the “mouth-piece of God” for them. This is way too much responsibility for you and you will fail. If this becomes our role we become a god-figure to them. This is dangerous for both of you. Our job is to direct them toward Jesus and away from dependence on us. Mentoring is temporary, but the friendship that is built can last a lifetime.

As the relationship deepens, more intimate situations will be shared. Our conversations run the gamut of faith, family, career, love, marriage, and ministry – deep and important life direction topics that inspire each of us to move forward. We concentrate on the next step, allowing the focus in each one be to bring a sharper, truer vision of God’s big picture for their life. That may sound intimidating but it is not as intense as it may appear. Remember: we always can voice our own uncertainty. Even the apostle Paul saw God’s plan dimly. 1 Corinthians 13:12 (NLT) “Now we see things imperfectly, like puzzling reflections in a mirror, but then we will see everything with perfect clarity. All that I know now is partial and incomplete, but then I will know everything completely, just as God now knows me completely.” You don’t need all the answers, you just need to be present.

As we close our time together, I always ask “How can I help you?” and “How can I pray for you?” This refocuses both of us on why we are there.

What do you think? Continue the conversation with me in the comments below.

Fear Not? Tell that to me speeding heart

on Wednesday, 20 July 2016. Posted in Blog

Fearless 2016

Fear Not Tell that to me speeding heart Fearless 2016


Do you ever have fears that haunt you? Fears that when spoken out loud don’t really make sense? However, left alone to wander in your mind, they can wreak havoc on your emotions.

When my children were little, I was terrified of crashing my car into a lake. Reoccurring nightmares of my babies trapped in car seats haunted my sleep. I awoke terrified. At times, I would wake my husband so he could pray over me to settle my heart.

Now here is the silly part. There was next to no chance of this happening. Where did the fear come from? There was no basis in reality for it. Yet, I still clutched the wheel as I passed any body of water?

My children are now all bigger than I am. In fact my youngest is a certified life guard. The nightmares are gone. The fear however raised its ugly head when I faced the challenge of driving over the Mackinac Bridge. I’ve ridden over that bridge plenty of times. But drive over it!?! NO THANK YOU.

For those that don’t know, the Mighty Mac is a suspension bridge that connects the two peninsulas of Michigan. That is right a suspension bridge, so it sways just a little. It is 5 miles long and 200 feet above the water. Another 200 feet of water is below that.  It is a big bridge over a big body of water.

That said, it is safe. In 62 years two cars drove off the side. One in a bad storm and the other is believed to be a suicide. Logic says you are safe. But not fear, stupid fear.

There it is. Looming before me, larger than life. I can do this. Other people have done it, so can I. Oh dear God, it is BIG. Thanks adrenalin for kicking in. Jesus – Jesus – JESUS. Half way over. Slow down heart. What is that weird sound? I wish the car wouldn’t shake. Ok off the grate onto cement, almost done. And I did it. WE DID IT. Thank you Jesus, we did it.

It does not matter how silly our fear is, they can cripple us. Face them. If I am to be fearless in 2016, I need to fear less. Right? God tells us to fear not. He is with us. Even in the silly fears. Fear is fear and we don’t have to give it a home.

What do you think? Are you facing a fear? I’d love to hear about it. 



on Monday, 10 November 2014. Posted in Blog

Four ways to find it in your day.


Laughter is necessary. It relieves stress and induces joy. I need more joy in my life. There are serious stresses out there, burdens that are deep and overwhelming.  A good case of the giggles can fend off the frustrations we cannot control.

Proverbs 17:22 tells us, “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength.” How do we stay cheerful?

  1. Don’t take yourself too seriously; laughing at yourself lightens your load.
  2. Laughter is contagious. Spend time with people who make you laugh.
  3. Share what tickles you. Be that person who encourages through laughter.
  4. Remember when we feel out of control, we can trust the One who is. Spending time with Him brings His fruit ,and one of His fruits is joy.
Living a sacrificial life is serious and at times difficult. It is also supposed to be joyful. Take some time to laugh today. Share your jokes so we can all laugh together.

Only Jesus

on Thursday, 13 April 2017. Posted in Blog

Holy Week reflection




Can we grasp the beauty of Easter? Not the pageantry.  Not the eggs and bunny and stuff. Watching a TV program depicting Jesus startled me, as I viewed my Jesus, I recognized how much I love Him. It was as if I was watching a program about a family member. Delighting me when they depicted Him well and disturbing me when the program misrepresented His life.

Jesus, the Son of God, entered the world just the way we did. He lived a life of poverty. He apprenticed in His father, Joseph’s trade. He learned His heavenly Father’s trade as well. At 30 years old, He started His ministry that changed the world.

It is time to be awestruck again. Stop and try to comprehend Jesus presence on earth. I am having such a hard time finding the words that could possibly communicate the significance of Holy Week. This short time in history has eternally affected ours.

Don’t take it for granted. Examine it. Relive it. Let it refresh your soul. Be astounded. Don’t let the familiar water down the profound. Recognize only Jesus could take an instrument of death and turn it into a symbol of hope. We must recognize His profound sacrifice that lead to beauty of the resurrection.  Stop where you are and worship HIM.

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